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Professionals Delivering Programs for Youth

Founded in 1960, the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) is one of the largest and most comprehensive non‑profit agencies serving youth in this community. More than 350 caring professionals work from 20 locations across the city to deliver a vast range of programs and services that support at‑risk youth and their families.

YSB is a registered charity (#10822 8545 RR0001). We receive funding from the Province of Ontario, the City of Ottawa, the United Way, and generous private donors. In 2010, our annual operating budget was over $24 million. Extremely efficient, we spend just 9.5% of our budget on administration, leaving the remaining 90.5% for program delivery.

Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic PlanThe purpose of the YSB Strategic Plan is to provide a 3-year roadmap to strengthen our capacity as an exceptional leader and partner in responding to the needs of youth and families in our community. Click here to read the full document.



With more than 60 years of supporting youth in the Ottawa area, YSB is valued for its expertise in the areas of homelessness, housing, mental health, youth justice, employment, health, diversity, and youth engagement.

Youth Services Jeunesse Library

Get access to resources developed specifically for the YSB community.

Youth Services Jeunesse Careers

At YSB we offer you the opportunity to play a meaningful role in creating lasting, positive change in young people’s lives, as well in the lives of their families and communities.

Youth Services Jeunesse Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to frequently asked questions by our community.


Our mission

We are committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental and accessible environment where individuals 12 years and older can pursue their life goals and be encouraged in making informed decisions.

Our mandate

YSB is a multi-service agency that provides services in French and English in employment, health and housing, mental health, youth engagement and youth justice. We work in partnership to develop, deliver and advocate for better conditions, services and opportunities for youth and families.

Through our services we:

  • Value our clients’ strengths
  • Believe in empowering youth and families
  • Value diversity
  • Believe in making our services accessible
  • Value accountability for our clients & ourselves
  • Believe in meaningful youth engagement as core to our practice
  • Value the continuous review of the quality of our work
  • Believe in collaboration

Our Blog


Retirement of YSB Ottawa CEO Larissa Silver

Yesterday YSB’s Chair of the Board of Directors, Tanya Gracie, shared that our CEO Larissa Silver has decided to retire. Larissa’s 10 years of dedicated service and leadership with YSB left an indelible mark on both our organization and on our community. Larissa’s approach to work was based on creating meaningful, positive impacts in peoples’ […]

Dr. Joanne Bezzubetz

YSB and CHEO announce new Vice-President, Integrated Mental Health and Addictions Care

YSB and CHEO announce new Vice-President, Integrated Mental Health and Addictions Care The Youth Services Bureau (YSB) and CHEO are excited to announce Dr. Joanne Bezzubetz will be joining the organizations on November 20 as Vice President, Integrated Mental Health and Addictions Care, a shared position between YSB and CHEO. YSB and CHEO share a common […]


YSB Foundation Newsletter 2023 – Edition 2

Click through to read our newsletter and learn more about YSB events, programming, staff and supporters

Board of Directors

YSB’s Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. Its role is to articulate our mission, set our strategic direction, define our goals, and measure and report on our performance.

YSB Senior Management

  • Kim Fenn
    Kim Fenn Director of Quality Assurance


  • Bob White
    Bob White Director of IT


  • Mike Wade Assistant Director, Community Services


  • Amber Costello
    Amber Costello Director of Employment Services


  • Darren Graham Director of Community Services


  • Josh Torres
    Josh Torres Assistant Director of Programs and Services, Youth Justice




  • Tadiwa Muradzikwa
    Tadiwa Muradzikwa Director of People, Culture, and Belonging


  • Kathryn Owens Clinical Director


  • Bill Fenn
    Bill Fenn Assistant director, Youth Justice


  • Bonnie Graham Assistant Director, Mental Health Services


  • Patti Murphy
    Patti Murphy Executive Director, YSB Charitable Foundation


  • Stacey Lauridsen
    Stacey Lauridsen Assistant Director of Community Services


  • Heidi Nichilo
    Heidi Nichilo Clinical Assistant Director, Mental Health Services


  • Rui Medeiros
    Rui Medeiros Assistant Director, Employment Services


  • Wes Richardson
    Wes Richardson Director of Finance


  • Suzanne Fraser
    Suzanne Fraser Director of Communications


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