Peter Lambertucci

    Peter is a result’s oriented, collaborative executive leader with the Bank of Canada. He is the Bank’s Chief Security Officer, responsible for the strategic leadership over multiple business lines that include Physical and Personnel Security, Information Management, Continuity of Operations, Investigations, Intelligence, Security Risk Oversight and Policy. Peter was formerly with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he retired as the Assistant Criminal Operations Officer in the Province of Ontario leading high-risk portfolios of Counter Terrorism, National Security and Critical Incident Management. He has also held two diplomatic appointments in Malaysia and Australia.

    Peter’s decades long commitment to public service has allowed him to acquire expertise in Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Crisis Management, Organisational Change Management, Government Relations, Criminal Justice, and Community Engagement. Peter is passionate about enabling positive change and relies on a global network of allies to employ strategic communication across private sector, government, public interest, and community stakeholder groups.

    Peter is also a board member of the RCMP Special Advisory Group that provides strategic advice for enhanced protection of Canadian capital markets. He joined the YSB board in 2023 after several years supporting the YSB foundation as a fundraiser and is enthusiastic about enabling and empowering youth to make choices today that help them secure a better future.

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