One-on-One Anger Management Program

YSB works with youth to understand and address the links between anger and action, which can sometimes lead to conflict with the law. The One-on-One Anger Management Program is offered by trained and experienced facilitators who help youth realize that excessive anger can be controlled.

The program consists of four one-on-one interactive sessions that aim to show youth how to:

  • Recognize, understand and manage anger
  • Develop alternative patterns
  • Learn self control
  • Problem solve

Based on the balanced approach recommended by psychologists, this program demonstrates how to express healthy anger in appropriate ways while controlling the triggers, the intensity, and the negative effects of unhealthy anger. In this way, the program counsellors help youth develop new skills and rebuild self-esteem.

How to access the program

This individualized program is offered to youth in the justice system only by referral. Probation Services or other Youth Justice organizations can make arrangements with the program contact at the telephone number or email address below.

A YSB youth worker will conduct a brief screening interview by telephone to assess the youth’s needs. Within two weeks, the youth worker will either notify the applicant of his or her acceptance into the One-on-One program or recommend a more suitable — perhaps more in-depth — anger management program.

Contact: Fabienne Galhidi
Phone: 613-314-5588

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