Organize an event in support of YSB


YSB welcomes corporations, community groups and individuals to organize events in support of YSB. Your event can raise funds that support life-changing and life-saving programs and services for some of Ottawa’s most at-risk youth.

Fundraising event ideas for YSB can range from hosting a gala to organizing a workplace bake sale. Some previous fundraisers that have raised funds for and benefitted YSB include:

  • Virtual breakfasts
  • Special virtual campaigns at your workplace (e.g. Dress Down Fridays,  Sock Drives, and more!)
  • Performances and Talent Shows
  • Galas
  • Company matching employee donations
  • Silent or In-Person Auctions
  • Runs or Walks
  • Dinners, Parties or BBQs
  • Host a Stay Up Event

YSB is here to support you with your event. We can help spread the word about your event, provide printed materials about YSB, and even offer a speaker to attend your event.

To discuss your third party event in support of YSB, please contact Desiree Rapoch, Events Coordinator, at 613-729-0577 ext. 1245 or email:

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Milo's Story

Every year when I was little, I’d think “this will be the year that everything will be okay”. And every year, I’d be crushed. By the time I was 18 I couldn’t take my dad’s drinking or my mom’s crying anymore, so I packed a knapsack with the warmest clothes I had and I left. It was freezing cold, and I was alone…but I was free.

The next few months were rough and at times very scary. I spent nights in parks, doorways and even under bridges all with just an old sleeping bag a friend had given me. One night it was so cold that I walked until the sun came up, afraid that I would freeze to death if I slept.

It took me awhile to get over the embarrassment to start asking people for money. But, it was swallow my pride or stay cold and hungry. After two weeks of doing this I learned about YSB. I didn’t know it then but, in that moment, my life changed for the better. I got connected to YSB’s Young Men’s Emergency Shelter and my first night in the shelter I slept 11 hours. I felt so safe and secure. I remember that moment clearly and I felt so hopeful I now have my own apartment in one of YSB’s long-term housing buildings, am attending college to become a graphic designer, and am working part-time to support myself.

“For the first time I can remember, I’m really excited about my future. Growing up I just thought about getting by one day at a time.” I hope my story conveys just how life changing it was for me to be able to access YSB’s shelter during a really difficult time in my life. The team at YSB supported me every step of the way, and I’m grateful they were by my side. I hope you’ll consider taking the opportunity to transform the life of another young person like me today.


*While Milo’s story is real his name has been changed to protect his privacy