Housing Services and Trusteeship

This program helps youth aged 16 to 20 to find and maintain safe and appropriate housing, whether it be immediate access to emergency shelters or longer-term solutions.

Through Housing Services, youth learn how to effectively search for housing. They have access to up-to-date rental listings, telephones to make enquiries, and assistance completing applications for subsidized housing. More importantly, they receive one-on-one support to help them learn and understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants and to build the skills they need to avoid eviction.

Since youth requiring housing assistance usually lack family support and are often facing much larger issues — abuse, family conflict, addictions, violence — they may also be connected to crisis counsellors and other support services to help them get the skills they need to live independently.


For 16- and 17-year-old youth who can no longer reside with a parent or guardian and who apply to receive Ontario Works benefits, the Trusteeship program is mandatory.

Trusteeship staff act as liaisons between Ontario Works case coordinators and youth benefit recipients, supporting youth in meeting their Ontario Works obligations. The program also helps youth deal with other issues they may be facing, such as problems at school or work, or financial troubles.

Staff working within the Housing and Trusteeship Program act as advocates for youth, working with schools, landlords and Ontario Works to ensure young people’s needs are met and their rights are respected.

How to access the program

The Housing and Trusteeship program is offered at the Downtown Services and Drop-in

Hours: Monday to Friday, 12 – 5 p.m. or by appointment.

For Trusteeship, youth must be referred by an Ontario Works case coordinator. Please contact us for more information.

613-241-7788 ext. 300

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