How to Apply for Housing

Applying to the YSB’s transitional or long-term housing programs requires a few steps.

  1. Fill out the Ottawa Social Housing Registry Application and include all relevant documentation. Along with any other choices on your application, please remember to check off the Youth Services Bureau box in the “Supportive Housing” section. See for application form and details.
  2. You then also need to fill out the two-page YSB Additional Application Information form, available HERE
  3. Both applications must either be mailed or delivered in person to the Social Housing Registry, as instructed on the Social Housing Registry application.
  4. After the application is reviewed, you will be contacted to further discuss the details of your situation.
  5. Feel free to call the program a week after you put in your application to verify if it has been received. If any of your contact information changes, be diligent in calling in to inform us so we can continue to get in touch with you.

Waiting List

We are unable to give any estimate of wait times for the housing programs, as the list is very dynamic.  We strongly encourage applicants to use this as only one of many options they are considering for housing. If you are in immediate need of emergency housing, please contact the Young Men’s Shelter or the Young Women’s Shelter.

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