Long Term Housing Program

The long-term housing program is a stepping stone towards true independence. Recognizing that youth who have experienced significant difficulties during childhood or adolescence often require more than just a roof over their head, this program provides participants with access to affordable housing and to the support and services they require to make the transition to independent living.

Each tenant is assigned to a case manager who works with them to identify their needs and connect them with the appropriate services. Counsellors provide crisis intervention support, individual counselling, referrals to other community services and help setting and achieving personal goals, such as attending school or finding a job.

Every building has an active Tenant Resource Team that works to provide opportunities for tenants to get involved with their peers in an environment that respects and welcomes diversity. Activities may include seasonal celebrations, sports, movie nights, community kitchens, cultural celebrations, drag shows, queer nights, community gardening and youth engagement.

The long-term housing program has one-bedroom, two-bedroom and bachelor units available in buildings in the east, west and central Ottawa. All buildings are accessible via public transit. Rent is affordable, or geared to income (non-profit).

How to access the program

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Youth aged 16 to 21 who require support to live independently can get more information about the program and how to apply in person at the Drop-in or by contacting the program coordinator at the number below. Paper applications are available through the Downtown Services and Drop-in.

Contact: 613-241-7788 or info@ysb.ca

One of Our Long Term Housing Building


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