Mental Health Resources for Parents

YSB serves youth, their parents and families equally to provide support in times of difficulty. Over 350 caring YSB professionals in 20 locations across Ottawa proudly serve more than just at risk youth. If you and your family need assistance in regards to mental health, please see the resources below.

Youth Mental Health Walk-In Clinic

The Youth Mental Health Walk-in Clinic offers single counselling sessions for youth ages 12 to 20, and their parents, whose needs are more immediate.

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Youth and Family Counselling

This program offers youth aged 12, and up to the day before their 18th birthday, the chance to address issues affecting the family relationship. Parents and youth can meet with counsellors for family sessions, or individuals can arrange one-on-one counselling according to their needs.

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Intensive Family Support

An intensive family and community-based program that promotes positive behavioural change in youth (aged 12 to 18) who are at risk of out-of-home placement because of significant anti-social behaviour.

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Wraparound Ottawa

Wraparound is for families and guardians with youth aged 12 to 18 years old. Wraparound helps families by helping to create a team of friends, community members and professionals that will support them in dealing with complex problems.

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Parents’ Lifelines of Eastern Ontario (PLEO)

This Helpline is a service that is operated by PLEO. It is for parents and caregivers of children and youth up to the age of 24. The people who will answer your call are parents who have their own experience supporting their child through the mental health system.

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Suicide Prevention Network of Ottawa

To access their online presence, please go to: To read the “Know what to do” guide and obtain resources to help a young person thinking of suicide, please click here.

To contact the Suicide Safer Community Network of Ottawa, please contact Andrea Poncia at

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