Youth Mental Health Court Worker

YSB promotes change in youth to enable them to become productive members of their community and attain their full personal potential. One of the ways we do that is by working with other local organizations to make sure that youth in conflict with the law have easy and immediate access to the right programs and services.

The Youth Mental Health Court Worker program serves transitional‑aged youth (12 to 17) who are in conflict with the law who also have serious mental health problems. Steering them away from the justice system, the court worker helps direct these young people to the community‑based mental health resources and services they need.

The key responsibilities of this outreach program are to:

  • Develop individual plans to address the needs of the youth
  • Arrange for court‑ordered psychiatric fitness assessments
  • Speed up access to mental health services and community supports
  • Provide one‑to‑one counselling as a short‑term “bridge” between services
  • Offer support to family members of mentally ill youth
  • Conduct short‑term follow‑ups with youth

In these ways, the program ensures that young people with mental health problems that may be masked by criminal or other negative behaviours are given access to the help they need.

How to access the program

This program is available to youth in the justice system. Contact the court worker at the telephone number or email address below.

Rachel Davis
613-738-7776 ext. 224

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