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Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Head Office

2675 Queensview Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8K2

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Program Contacts

See the list below for contacts at specific programs.

Community Services
Fax : 613-241-7789

Director, Darren Graham
613-241-7788 ext. 406

Assistant Director, Stacey Lauridsen
613-241-7788 ext. 303

Assistant Director, Mike Wade

Downtown Services and Drop-in

613-241-7913 ext. 406

Young Men’s Shelter


Young Women’s Shelter

613-789-8220 ext. 225

Youth Health Clinic

613-241-7913 ext. 222


Amber Costello, Director

Rui Medeiros, Assistant Director

Bank St. office

Moodie Drive office

Youth Job Connection 

Youth Justice

Ryan McKay, Director
613-738-7776 ext. 246

Bill Fenn, Assistant Director

Community Re-integration Program
613-738-2104 ext. 227

Livius Sherwood Detention and Custody Centre
613-523-5812 ext. 222

One-on-One Anger Management Program
Fabienne Galhidi

Youth Mental Health Court Worker
613-738-2104 ext. 227

Mental Health

Mental Health Services Hub
300 – 1355 Bank Street

Monica Armstrong

Assistant Director
Bonnie Graham

Centre Educatif/Day Treatment and School-based programs

Diane Martin

Intensive Family Services and Wraparound

Michelle Earle
613-288 1588 ext. 227

Youth and Family Counselling

John McKnight
613-562-3004 x 224

Vicky Maloney
613-562-3004 x 235

Mobile Crisis

Scott Rickman
613-562-4708 x 227

Charitable Foundation

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Charitable Foundation

Executive Director, Patti Murphy
613-729-0577 ext. 1262


Executive Director

Executive Director, Joanne Lowe
613-729-0577 ext. 1243

Associate Director, Larissa Silver
613-729-0577 ext. 1202


Director, Wes Richardson
613-729-0577 ext. 1236

Human Resources

Director, Joëlle Cupidon
613-729-0577 ext. 1225


Director, Suzanne Fraser
613-729-0577 ext. 1206


Director, Bob White

Quality Assurance

Director, Kim Fenn
613-729-0577 ext. 1239

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Milo's Story

Every year when I was little, I’d think “this will be the year that everything will be okay”. And every year, I’d be crushed. By the time I was 18 I couldn’t take my dad’s drinking or my mom’s crying anymore, so I packed a knapsack with the warmest clothes I had and I left. It was freezing cold, and I was alone…but I was free.

The next few months were rough and at times very scary. I spent nights in parks, doorways and even under bridges all with just an old sleeping bag a friend had given me. One night it was so cold that I walked until the sun came up, afraid that I would freeze to death if I slept.

It took me awhile to get over the embarrassment to start asking people for money. But, it was swallow my pride or stay cold and hungry. After two weeks of doing this I learned about YSB. I didn’t know it then but, in that moment, my life changed for the better. I got connected to YSB’s Young Men’s Emergency Shelter and my first night in the shelter I slept 11 hours. I felt so safe and secure. I remember that moment clearly and I felt so hopeful I now have my own apartment in one of YSB’s long-term housing buildings, am attending college to become a graphic designer, and am working part-time to support myself.

“For the first time I can remember, I’m really excited about my future. Growing up I just thought about getting by one day at a time.” I hope my story conveys just how life changing it was for me to be able to access YSB’s shelter during a really difficult time in my life. The team at YSB supported me every step of the way, and I’m grateful they were by my side. I hope you’ll consider taking the opportunity to transform the life of another young person like me today.


*While Milo’s story is real his name has been changed to protect his privacy