Transitional Housing Programs for Young Women

The Transitional Housing program provides youth who identify as women or gender queer*, who are 16 to 20 years of age, with semi-independent, supportive, affordable, semi-furnished bachelor apartments for up to one year. Staff is available 24/7 and provide support through goal planning, crisis counselling, life skills, referrals and connections to community resources.

Our target youth is one who:

  • Is unstably housed and has no other options for safe housing (i.e. homeless, couch surfing, unsafe at home)
  • Is currently experiencing multiple barriers in accessing other forms of housing
  • Is in a low-income situation
  • Has basic life skills and some capacity to live semi-independently, but needs extra support to make the transition to full independence

Upon entry into the program, a youth will identify her needs and work with staff to develop a Community Plan outlining her goals. Staff will help her connect to the services needed to achieve independence.  The Community Plan is adjusted and updated regularly with the youth. The staff’s role is also to act as a sounding board, motivator and non-judgmental educator about choices. Regular life skills workshops and group meetings are provided, as well as opportunities to get involved in youth engagement, to encourage youth to contribute their ideas and feedback.

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How to get more information

Click here to find out how to apply


Youth aged 16 to 21 who require support to live independently can get more information about the program and how to apply in person at the Drop-in or by contacting staff or the program coordinator at the number below. Paper applications are available through YSB’s Downtown Services and Drop-In.

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All Youth Services Bureau Programs are developed based on our values.

*Our services affirm and support youth who identify all along the gender continuum and we are committed to providing youth with support

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