Ethno-cultural Youth Advisory

This advisory works with organizations offering services to youth and community leaders to identify and meet the needs of immigrant youth and their families. A 12-member team, made up of youth (aged 15 to 24) strives to raise awareness of immigrant and ethno-cultural issues in Ottawa. They research the challenges facing newcomers to Canada and then share their findings through workshops and information sessions for community service providers and decision makers.

By promoting on-going dialogue and building strong relationships with community providers, the committee helps to ensure that immigrant youth and their families have access to the services and support they need to successfully transition into Canadian society.

Youth-led workshops help to engage immigrant and ethno‑cultural youth and empower and inspire them to facilitate change within their own communities.

EYAC Info Card

How to access the program

Contact the program coordinator to schedule a youth-led information session or workshop, to volunteer for the Ethno-cultural Youth Advisory, or to get more information about the group.

613-241-7913 ext. 410

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