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What if I don’t live at home?
You don’t need to be living at home to begin Wraparound. You can be living independently or semi-independently. Your Wraparound facilitator will meet with you wherever it’s most convenient.

Can I have a team made up of my close friends?
This is your team—you choose who you want to be a part of it. Your team should be made up of the supports you want helping you through this process. If that means close friends, then they’re invited to the Wraparound meetings.

Does my family need to be a part of my Wraparound team meetings?
It’s your decision. Your family members do not have to be included in your Wraparound team.

Does my family need to be at all my Wraparound team meetings?
Again, it’s your call. You can invite family members to all of your Wraparound team meetings, to just a few, or to none at all.

Is Wraparound like counselling?
Wraparound can sound a lot like counselling, but the Wraparound process takes things further by building positive relationships between you and the members of your family and community. That’s one of the main goals of the Wraparound team that pulls together to help you.

For more information about the Wraparound process, including a detailed description of what you can expect to happen at team meetings, read A Youth Guide to Wraparound Services

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