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May is Leave a Legacy month in Canada.

Leaving a gift in your will to an organization close to your heart is an easy yet deeply profound way to create a legacy that lives on through the people your gift will serve.

Donors who support YSB through issuing a legacy gift give vital help through programs and services to youth for years to come.

You can give in many ways. You can donate cash, securities, or a percentage of your estate. Even 1% will have a lasting impact. You can also donate the residue of your estate – that is, the amount that remains once your bequests are fulfilled.

Imagine helping a struggling youth in the future get the support they need.
Imagine helping young people you are yet to even meet, completely change their lives.

It’s a powerful way to change young lives for years to come. It’s easy to do and fully in your control.

You can make a gift to the Youth Services of Ottawa Foundation by using wording such as the following in your will or codicil:

  • I leave to Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Charitable Foundation, 2675 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2, or its successor, a (state share or percentage of estate, a specific amount of money, the specific securities you wish to leave, or a specific item or items). I direct this money be used in the area most needed/specific area. The receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer of this organization shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees.
  • Please ensure you use our correct legal name in any will clause or codicil: Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Charitable Foundation
  • Our mailing address: YSB Foundation, 2675 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2.
  • Charitable Registration Number: 84053 4853 RR0001

If you’d like to learn more about leaving a legacy gift, you can also consider joining the Joint Estate Planning Session – a free event hosted by several local charities each September. Contact Patti Murphy at pmurphy@ysb.ca to book your spot.

For more info about leaving a legacy gift with YSB, learn more by clicking here.


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