Michel Guilbeault

    Founder of Mountainview Inc, Michel Guilbeault has more than 25 years managing and leading professional teams most of which included the delivery of Youth related services such as counselling & mental health supports; housing programs & services; as well as employment preparation and planning. Michel launched his career in the Nation’s Capital with the Ottawa Board of Education, where he led and developed a retention program for at-risk youth. Michel then moved on to the City of Ottawa as District Manager where he played a leadership role for the Community and Social Services Department for which he was recognized in 2007 with the City Managers Award for excellence in leadership. Michel’s career path also includes his role as Employment Manager for La Cité’s employment services for the Eastern Ontario region. In 2012, Michel joined the University of Ottawa as its Director for student housing. in 2015, Michel was appointed Associate Vice-President (Student Services) which included the management responsibility for a wide range of student support services such as counselling, campus mental health, COOP & employment services, wellness & recreation, residences, etc.  

     Michel’s career path can be characterized by his commitment to youth and passion for his community and its citizens. He is a visionary and business strategist skilled at effectively developing relationships and partnerships. Michel is guided everyday by opportunities to create a brighter future for our youth. This outlook has been and remains the key driver behind his ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations he imposes on himself and those he feels privileged to serve.

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