Participating in this event is a great opportunity to better understand gender journeys, create connections with youth, and support young people in our community to develop their authentic selves.

This informative evening aims to bring a greater understanding of gender among youth today.

Date: February 20, 21019
Ottawa Art Gallery- Annex room
10 Daly ST.
Tickets: $40.00
Includes: appetizers, signature cocktail and evening gallery admission

Discussion will include:
• Transgender 101
• Commonly used terms/expressions
• Community resources available for parents and youth
• Audience Questions and Answers

Keynote speaker Fae Johnstone will bring to light the resiliency and strength of the gender creative young person. Over the past four years working as an educator and facilitator, she has trained hundreds of educators and service providers across Ontario on LGBTQ2s+ inclusion.

Fae’s work centers on LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, addressing gender-based violence, mental health and anti-oppression.


In his role as the Prime Minister’s Special Advisor on LGBTQ2 issues, MP Randy Boissonnault advises the Prime Minister on how to develop and coordinate the Government of Canada’s LGBTQ2 agenda. This includes engaging with LGBTQ2 organizations from across the country to hear about issues affecting LGBTQ2 communities, promote equality and protect the rights of LGBTQ2 people and identify solutions to improve the lives of LGBTQ2 people.


Amanda Jetté Knox is an award-winning Canadian writer, human rights advocate, public speaker, and mother of four. She is passionate about embracing change, leading with love, and living our most authentic lives.


The Mind Matters event series provides practical youth mental health information and guidance to parents, family members, educators and the community. The goal of the series is to share experiences and learnings, and to understand strategies to foster healthy resilient young people. Mind Matters highlights and supports youth mental health services offered by YSB.

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