Leadership, Partnership, and Experience

The Youth Services Bureau is a community leader in Ottawa, empowering youth to make choices today that can help them secure a better future. We are deeply engaged in youth issues and we partner with youth service organizations to provide enhanced programs and services for young people and their families.

Our leadership role is apparent in our strong connections with youth service associations and major charitable organizations. For instance, YSB is a member of Children’s Mental Health Ontario and is an accredited child and youth mental health agency.  YSB is a founding member of the Ottawa Youth Justice Network, chair of the Alliance to End Homelessness and board member of Inner City Health and the Social Housing Registry.

Our expertise is also recognized by the numerous local groups and service agencies who count us as active members:

  • Mental Health Court Working Group
  • Suicide Prevention Ottawa
  • Somali Youth Network
  • LGBTQ2S Youth Service Providers
  • HIV Prevention and Education Council
  • Ottawa Coalition on HIV/AIDS
  • Employment Reference Group
  • Wraparound

In addition, YSB’s internal working groups are focused on areas such as youth engagement, diversity in the workplace, and quality assurance. Our comprehensive knowledge is based both on the experience we gain from working with the thousands of people who come to YSB each month and on our ongoing education and training. In addition, we partner with the University of Ottawa to learn from the data we collect and to conduct joint research projects, all of which help us continually develop our expertise.

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