Information Line for Child and Youth Mental Health and Youth Addictions Services

We heard you! YSB has expanded the role of the crisis line and online chat to provide information about child and youth mental health and youth addiction services in Eastern Ontario. Not sure what mental health and addiction services are open or how they can be accessed? Call YSB’s trained professionals or contact us through the chat – they are very knowledgeable about local services and can help you get to the supports you want.

The information and crisis line can be reached by calling 613-260-2360 or 1-877-377-7775 and the online chat at

Virtual Walk-In Clinic

Our hours are the same, but our sessions are now being done by phone or videoconference. To access the clinic, call us at 613-562-3004 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12 noon to 8 p.m. (last session at 6 p.m.). Leave us a message and we will call you back, usually within 30 mins depending on how busy the walk-in is, to connect you with a counselor.

Youth and Family Counselling

Our mental health counselors have adapted their services, and are now providing individual and family counselling sessions via phone or videoconference to youth over the age of 12 and their families. Please call us at 613-562-3004 to discuss your needs. Please leave a message letting us know that you are interested in youth and family counselling and we will call you back as quickly as possible.

Crisis Line and On Line Chat

Our crisis line and online chat are available 24/7 for children and youth aged 18 and under who are experiencing a crisis. Parents, guardians, caregivers, friends, or service providers who are concerned about a young person in crisis can also contact us.

There is no fixed definition of a mental health crisis. If you feel that your situation is in crisis, we urge you to call the 24/7 crisis line to talk to YSB’s trained professionals, who will provide immediate assistance and can help you access other local services and programs, as appropriate.

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