Student-run Café will change young lives this year

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On June 5, students and faculty of L’école secondaire publique L’Alternative gathered together to celebrate a goal they reached with the support of their community.

They presented YSB with a cheque to support our Young Men’s Emergency Shelter. Specifically, their funds will sponsor a shelter room that, in the coming year, will be a safe, supportive place to sleep for homeless young men.

What’s most amazing about this achievement is the incredible effort that went into raising these vital funds to support vulnerable youth.

Students spent the school year running Café Altern on Sussex Drive. They served delicious homemade goodies and hot coffee, and offered visitors a beautiful space to relax in and enjoy the ever-changing artwork that contributed to the café’s serene atmosphere.

So many students worked tirelessly to make this café the ultimate success it was, and other young people will now benefit from their efforts. The students, along with the support of their customers, raised $3500 to sponsor their own shelter room for one year. Their support lets young people who are struggling in our community know that there is help and there is hope.

On behalf of the young men who will benefit from this contribution, congratulations to all those who made Café Altern possible.

If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring a room at one of our two Emergency Youth Shelters, you can find more information here. We welcome schools, corporations, groups, families and individuals to join us in impacting young lives this year!


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