Frozen and Forgotten Jeans Campaign

More than 1,000 young people in Ottawa will experience homelessness this year — many without safe and stable shelter and—in too many cases—without hope. Homeless youth have never had a greater need for safe places to live.

That’s why the students of Joan of Arc Academy have launched Frozen and Forgotten, a campaign to raise both awareness of, and donations to, support homeless youth in Ottawa.

The school’s Girls 4 Girls program is seeking donations of $10 or more to fund a room for a youth at YSB’s new Youth Housing Hub, located at 2887 Riverside Drive.

All donations will contribute directly to Joan of Arc’s goal of becoming a Founding Family at YSB’s Youth Housing Hub. In turn, vulnerable youth in Ottawa will receive a safe and supportive home. You can be a part of this.

What is YSB’s Youth Housing Hub?

The Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa is constructing a Youth Housing Hub which will offer safe and affordable housing to homeless youth aged 16 to 24. At-risk youth will have access to in-house mental health counselling, employment and education support, primary care, a dental care and more to help break the cycle of youth homelessness for good.

*Please note: All donations are directed to the sponsorship of a room at the Hub. Donations are not used to purchase jeans; all jeans are donated.

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