The Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa has been part of my life for 17 years. I first came to them as a young person, looking for help. I was in a very vulnerable place in my life, and needed help finding a job. It brings me to tears just to think about it. The counsellor I met through YSB gave me exactly what I needed: hope. She helped me believe in myself and be confident that I could find a job. It was an amazing feeling.

I’m a first generation Canadian, so I know first-hand the struggles newcomers go through when they move to Canada. Thankfully, ours is a good news story; our family was warmly welcomed and supported by our community. And with the help of YSB, I found a job and was on my way. Now I have a successful career and a family of my own.

But I know that other new Canadians—and not-so-new Canadians—are not so lucky. Not everyone is born into a supportive and loving family. Sometimes there are so many hurdles to overcome, like poverty, abuse, or mental illness, just to name a few.

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