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Meeting a basic need with dignity.

Food. A most basic necessity.

Yet, for homeless youth, access to food is a daily challenge.

That’s why YSB offers a food bank program, our Pantry Program, at our Drop-In Centre located in downtown Ottawa.

YSB’s Drop-In Centre offers vital services to homeless, street-involved, and high-risk youth 365 days a year. Our Pantry Program provides homeless and at-risk youth access once a month to a three to four day supply of fresh and non-perishable foods. The program offers nutritious foods like milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, bread and pastas, and other food items.

Meeting a young person’s most basic needs first is critical if we hope to impact the rest of their lives. Food – with dignity – is one of those needs. No young person in our community should be left hungry. Thanks to the support of our community, solutions exist.

YSB proudly operates our Pantry Program as efficiently as possible, and we graciously receive support from the Ottawa Food Bank to help stock our shelves. Even so, with more than 14,000 visits to our Drop-In Centre from at-risk youth each year, YSB must annually cover a significant grocery bill to ensure all the youth in our care have access to sufficient amounts of food.

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