Hope is a Place, and Big Rig Brewery presents HOPE Volleyball Summerfest is helping us build it

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YSB was grateful to be selected as one of five charity partners at this year’s Big Rig Brewery presents HOPE Volleyball Summerfest, held July 13th at Mooney’s Bay. The tournament and concerts brought together thousands of community members who spent the day playing beach volleyball and enjoying live music – all in support of five local causes.

For YSB, support from the event will be directed to our new Youth Housing Hub currently under construction on Riverside Drive, directly across from Mooney’s Bay. When it opens in the fall, this new housing residence will welcome previously homeless youth and provide them with affordable housing as well as onsite services to help meet their physical and psychological needs. Support from HOPE will fund one of the 39 units in the building, with the room bearing the name HOPE Lives Here.

YSB was honoured to be part of this year’s HOPE event, which celebrated its 37th year in operation. We appreciate all our partners and supporters who are helping to provide safe and supportive housing to vulnerable youth in Ottawa. Thank you Big Rig Brewery presents HOPE Volleyball Summerfest, and to the volunteers, players, sponsors and supporters of this year’s event!

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