Accessing Mental Health Services

How to access services in a crisis situation

There is no fixed definition of a mental health emergency. If you feel that your situation is a crisis, we urge you to call the 24/7 Crisis Line. YSB’s trained professionals will provide immediate assistance and can also help you make a plan to get further support from our other services and programs.

24/7 Crisis Line Phone:

In Ottawa — 613-260-2360
Long distance toll-free — 1-877-377-7775

How to access services in a non-crisis situation

YSB also offers a range of mental health services for youth (aged 12 and older) and their families who need support but are not currently dealing with a crisis. When clients call our intake number, we request some basic information in order to open a file.

An intake worker will call back within 48 hours to do an initial screening over the phone and to ensure that clients know how to get support should a crisis occur. In conversation with clients, we either determine that YSB has the services they need or suggest other services that would be more suitable.

When YSB is the best fit for the client’s needs, the intake worker makes an appointment for the youth and/or family members to come to one of our 20 locations to complete the assessment. At that point, we gather additional details about why clients are accessing services and what they hope to achieve by doing so.

Although family conflicts are often best resolved when all members are engaged in the process, we do see youth individually, and we also provide short-term support for parents who are concerned about an adolescent who is not ready to participate in counselling.

After presenting the case to the Intake Committee, we discuss service options with the youth and family.

Mental Health Services Intake Phone: 613-562-3004

For more information about the intake process, contact the program coordinator.

Contact: Maureen Davidson
Phone: 613-562-3004 ext. 235