Housing and Shelter

Housing at the Youth Services Bureau is much more than a place to live. We offer multiple services and housing programs to suit youth in a variety of life situations.

We want to meet you wherever you are.

Supporting youth towards a journey to independence, YSB's services provide youth—aged 16 to 21 who have experienced significant difficulties through no fault of their own—an opportunity to access safe, affordable housing. Experienced counsellors provide support while youth pursue personal goals such as education, work and training. Housing counsellors offer assistance in developing a full "Community Plan" to acquire the necessary skills to live independently.

How to access our housing programs and services

YSB offers emergency shelter for youth seeking temporary housing. We also offer the Transitional Housing Program and the Long-Term Housing Program. Please contact each program or shelter directly for more information about each service.

Evelyn Horne Young Women's Emergency Shelter, 613-789-8220

Young Men's Emergency Shelter, 613-907-8975

Transitional Housing Program for Young Women, 613-789-8220

Transitional Housing Program for Young Men, 613-907-8975

Long-Term Housing Program, 613-288-1343