FAQs for the General Public

Is YSB a government program?

No, the YSB is not a government program. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive non-profit agencies serving youth in this community. As a registered charity (#10822 8545 RR0001) we receive funding from the Province of Ontario, the City of Ottawa, the United Way, and generous private donors.

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Where is YSB located?

Our head office is at 2675 Queensview Drive in Ottawa (near Pinecrest and Greenbank), but our programs and services are offered at 20 locations across the city. For instance, our Downtown Drop-in Centre, for street-involved youth, is located at 147 Besserer St. near Ottawa’s Byward Market, and our Employment Services are located at 1355 Bank St. (near Billings Bridge). If you’re looking for the location of a specific program, you'll find many of them in the following sections:

Please note that certain locations, such as the shelters, are confidential. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please call our head office at 613-729-1000, or email us at headoffice@ysb.on.ca.

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Who are YSB services for?

YSB services are offered to youth (aged 12 and older) and their families and communities. Many of our programs are designed to guide high need and high risk youth through whatever threatens their physical, sexual and mental well being. However, we offer assistance and encouragement to any youth who reach out for it, whether it’s to find a respectful listener, a like-minded social group, or a safe place to spend a few hours.

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How much do YSB services cost?

YSB services are free.

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Are all YSB services offered in English and French? Are the programs offered in any other languages?

YSB services are offered in both English and French. When youth workers who speak other languages are available, we can offer services in those languages, as well — although we regret that we cannot guarantee to do so.

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How can I make a donation to YSB? Can I choose which programs I want my donation to support?

We welcome your donation in any way you’d like to direct it. You can specify a program you want to support, or you can donate to the program that is most in need of funding. Please visit Help us make an impact for more information about donating to YSB.

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How much of my donation goes directly to programming?

We work hard to keep our administration costs very low, so that 90 cents of every dollar goes directly into programming. You can feel good about a donation to YSB!

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I know someone who could benefit from YSB services. How do I make a referral? Can my referral be confidential?

YSB does not approach youth and their families based on referrals. Rather, our services are available to those who reach out to us for help. Depending on which programs and services you feel are appropriate, you can ask the youth to call one of our program coordinators or visit us at the Downtown Drop-in Centre at 147 Besserer St.

Community Services: 613-241-7788
Youth Employment: 613-236-8244
Mental Health Services: 613-562-3004
Youth Justice Services: 613-738-7776
Youth Engagement: 613-241-7788

Or you can suggest that they call our 24/7 Crisis Line for guidance on how best to get the help they need.

24/7 Crisis Line:
In Ottawa: 613-260-2360
Long distance toll-free: 1-877-377-7775

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I’ve been through difficult times in the past. I believe my life experiences uniquely qualify me to help struggling youth in our community. How can I get involved with YSB?

YSB is taking steps to put a volunteer program in place. If you are interested in staying connected with YSB and of being informed about future volunteer opportunities, email foundation@ysb.on.ca.

In the interim, some options for getting involved in YSB are signing up for an e-newsletter to stay apprised of our events and activities, helping us make an impact by donating to the YSB, requesting our brochure, and letting youth and organizations in your neighbourhood know about our services.

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I’d like to volunteer at YSB. Who should I contact?

YSB is in the process of developing a volunteer program. If you are interested in staying connected with YSB and of being informed about future volunteer opportunities, email ysbfoundation@ysb.on.ca.

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I’d like to work at YSB. Who should I contact?

If you are interested in joining our team of dedicated and caring professionals, consult our Careers section to see a list of current opportunities and a description of how to apply for staff positions.

If you are looking for a student placement, email the director of the program you are interested in and include a C.C. to mwhitty@ysb.on.ca in our Human Resources department. We’ll respond to your email as soon as possible.

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I’m a student doing a project on YSB. Where can I get more information?

YSB fact sheets contain a lot of useful information. And these are the links to the webpages detailing our key services:

Mental health services
Youth employment
Youth justice
Community services
Youth Engagement

If you can’t find the information you are looking for on the website, you may contact communications@ysb.on.ca. Note that, due to the large number of requests, it may take up to two weeks to respond to a request.

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