The Past Hurts Everyone

One day you end up on the streets,
In a shelter, feeling hopeless and loneliness,
Doing anything you can just to retreat,
But the only thing that u feel is the numbness,
Of your small little heart.

This beautiful Girl Just walks in the room,
Your eyes can’t lay off She’s 100 percent perfection,
Both eyes meet and all just resumed.
Her beauty I miss in my minds reflection.

Her first sentence to me was a cute and corny question,
Do you have a triple A battery?
Wanted to have one so bad, but any suggestions?
Was it hot in here or was it just me…?

Her eyes were brown and gold every colour they changed,
Seeing Her lips were making me sweat like crazy,
Knowing she was looking at me was making me deranged,
Holy This girl made me so insane, weak, and so lazy.

We started dating and going really fast,
Said “I love you” and never cared what people thought
But who knew Your first True love would now be the past,
Nobody’s alone… to feel hurt to feel the pain alot

NO matter how madly crazily in love you are with this girl still
The only thing you can do is “Forgive And Forget”, no matter how bad love hurts.
Everything Happens For A Reason

P.S.  You’re beautiful baby girl

The past hurts everyone…