Empowering Youth for Today and the Future

The Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa empowers youth to make choices today that can help them secure the future they want. They learn that their lives don’t have to be dictated by the past or the present — whatever the challenges and however great the obstacles, there is hope and there is help. Right here.

YSB understands that many of the concerns facing youth today need to be dealt with in the family, the peer group, the cultural group, and the community. That’s why we work closely with various community partners to deliver integrated programs and services in 20 sites across Ottawa.

Building on the resources available in their immediate environments, we guide high-risk youth through whatever threatens their physical, sexual and mental well-being. We are there for any young person who reaches out to find support, a respectful listener or a safe place.

We support youth in our community through these and other programs and services:

  • Emergency shelter, transitional housing, and supportive housing
  • 24‑hour regional crisis line and mobile response team
  • Assistance in situations of family conflict and dysfunction
  • Addictions counselling and harm‑reduction programs
  • Support for issues related to poverty, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or abuse
  • Health and dental clinic, including HIV prevention services
  • Intensive short- and long-term counselling for youth and families
  • School-based mental health services
  • Downtown Drop-in
  • Job find programs
  • Youth justice programs
  • Youth advisory committees that foster leadership
  • Youth Mental Health Walk-in Clinic

Our support is based on the philosophy of “power with, not power over.” We don’t simply direct a course of action — rather, we work together with youth to help them see options they may not have considered, to believe in the power of choice. In doing so, we find that youth accept responsibility for their decisions, trust in their full potential, and take steps towards fulfilling it.

That's incredible. That's what we do.